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About Danielle

Welcome! I am a Manhattan based child, adolescent and adult psychotherapist committed to understanding individual perspectives and experiences, assisting you in articulating your unique needs and goals in order to optimize emotional well-being and happiness. I aim to create a safe and supportive environment that empowers you to explore your genuine self. I believe that quality of life experience is subjective and that we all feel validated and supported when our voices are heard and respected. I have a transparent communication style and warm, empathetic presence and employ various therapeutic approaches as needed. 

I am currently pursuing my PhD in Social Work at New York University. Previously, I worked as a pediatric palliative care social worker at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. I am fellowship trained in interdisciplinary pediatric palliative care from Harvard University/Boston Children's Hospital/Dana Farber Cancer Institute. I hold a Master's degree in Social Work from Indiana University, as well as bachelor's degrees in Psychology and History from Indiana University. 

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