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My bereavement and grief counseling experience can be helpful if you or your child:

- Are moving through your feelings of loss and exploring ways to maintain a connection with your loved one

- Recently experienced the death of someone you love

- Are processing the loss of a relationship, job or an important part of your identity

- Are experiencing facing a life-threatening illness in yourself or someone close to you

Grief, Loss and Bereavement
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Worries, Sadness and Relationship Struggles

Partnering together in therapy may be beneficial if you or your child:

- Have been feeling anxious about the state of the world or life circumstances

- Are feeling sad, frustrated, disappointed or hopeless

- Are finding it difficult to communicate with friends, family or loved ones

- Have been questioning aspects of your identity, role at work, within your community

Children, Families and Parenting 

I have experience working with children of all ages and families of all kinds with:

- Regulating their emotions and expressing their feelings in a productive manner

- Helping to build socialization skills to make and keep meaningful friendships 

- Assisting families in improving communication patterns and building boundaries

- Supporting children in building self-esteem and confidence  

- Guiding parents with limit-setting and balancing individual and family needs

Living with Life-Limiting/Serious Illness

My palliative care training and clinical experiences have afforded me the skill-set to support you and/or your family if: 

- You or someone you loved has been diagnosed with a serious or life-limiting illness 

- You are hoping to find ways to live as well as possible for as long as possible 

- You would you like support in making meaning and processing disease progression

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